New pictures - Knot, Dunlin, Turnstone, Common Terns and Arctic Skua

02.10. 2018

The site has been updated and new pictures are optimized  for 4K monitors.

My new book ”Israel – 40 years with birds and camera” will be published in late March. You can pre order it now on: mail (at) kbphoto (dot) dk . Price dkr. 200, - plus shipping. It comes in two versions, in Danish and in English.


This book is a photographic journey through Israel, extending the length and breadth of the country and embracing all four seasons. It is intended to celebrate the region's birdlife and inspire current and future generations of enthusiasts. And of course it is a personal account that allows me to relive some great experiences with birds and cameras in this amazing country. 500 million birds migrate through Israel twice a year, so it is mainly an illustrated story about the great migration of birds. But if you visit Israel you cannot fail to be fascinated by its desert birds, and this is also reflected in the book. This is also a journey through time, and I have endeavoured to show Israel as I have experienced it over the last 40 years, and as I would like it to be seen by others.


Wood Warbler - seen and heard in good numbers this Spring. Photoed in the forest on Korshage Rørvig.