I have been photographing birds and Nature since 1976. I try to capture the light and atmosphere in my pictures to express the impressions from Nature I would like to remember. A mix of Nature experiences and aesthetics focused on the emotion in the situation.

In my early childhood and as teenager I was collecting butterflies and moths but in the late sixties I “converted” to birdwatching.

I got my bird watching experiences at Rørvig in North West Zealand where I spend almost every weekend year round.

By the time my binoculars has been changed with photographic equipment and since 1975 my main interest has been bird – and nature photography.

My photographs have been published in many European bird magazines and books.

Alula, British Birds, Vår Fågelvård, Naturfoto, Raptor migration in Israel and the Middle East, A guide to birding hot-spots of northern and southern Israel, Handbook of Birds of the World, A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife, Raptors of Europe and The Middle East etc.

All pictures are of wild and free birds in Nature.

The galleries will continuously get updated along with my photography.